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Сюрприз снаружи - 1500-метровый охотничий кролик с тепловизором на 12 микросхем

The 12-micron thermal imaging chip is too powerful, and the rabbit can be found at a distance of 1,500 meters, and it is very clear. IRay's technical infrared thermal imaging technology is too powerful!

Yantai IRay photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is the world's leading research and development and production enterprise of infrared thermal imaging chips, core components and whole-machine products. In March last year, it released the world's leading 12-micron infrared thermal imaging chips. Now it can produce 12-micron full-range products. It's really amazing!

At present, 12 micron infrared thermal imaging chip is the smallest in size and the lowest in power consumption. It can be used in higher requirements of UAV, distribution cabinet system and other places to implement uninterrupted on-line monitoring.

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